Not a great video, but it was a beautiful site. 

That didn’t take long…

This download ran from 9:30 this morning until 4:20 this afternoon. And then FAILED. Amazing. 

BTW - yes, I am kicking butt in fantasy football this week. -:)

This is God’s way of telling me “Don’t upgrade to iOS 8”

I guess I will try again tomorrow. Sigh…

Thwarted again:

OK - I now have my iPad connected to my iMac to try and upgrade to iOS 8. It doesn’t look promising:

Only 52 hours to go. :-)

I know I should probably give up on this, but I am into the game at this point. 

This is becoming a sport…

I check every few hours to see how the update is going, only to find out it failed. This is the third time it failed today, and added to the 4 times I tried it yesterday makes 7 fails. 

One to my 8th try.  

I am trying to download iOS 8 onto my iPad and I keep getting this fail message. 

This hasn’t happened only once. This has happened every time I try and upgrade. Very frustrating, and un-Apple-like